Tools for Instruction

Choose what works for you!

Choose what works for you!

Tools for Day-to-Day Instruction (From our Members!)

Please note: if you would like to add a resource, email and your tool will be added to the list below. We are doing great things and using great tools – how can you contribute?!

Resources: Below you will find a list of wonderful resources for a variety of subjects! If you have something you would like to add, please email Matt Stagliano at

Career Areas:

PARCC & Common Core:

Social Media Sites:

  • Edmodo – “Facebook” for educators/students
  • Schoology – similar to college online-learning platforms, schoology allows educators to run “hybrid” courses. They can blend both traditional classrooms, with online classrooms
  • ClassDojo –

Website-Building Tools:

  • – an easy, FREE platform for teachers to build beautifully designed websites.
  • Google Sites – if you have a Google account, it’s easy for your to create a class website using Google sites. Google sites allows for many options in creativity and design for teachers to enhance their students’ online experiences.

Education Strategies/Theories/News:

  • Edutopia – a great website that offers insight on a wide variety of topics. Including, but not limited to: Professional Development, Project-Based Learning, STEM approach to learning, Technology infusion in the classroom, and more!
  • The Learning Network (New York Times) – a blog by New York Times that pairs real, authentic New York Times Articles with teaching and learning for high school age students.
  • Buck Institute For Education – a website with tools, graphic organizers, unit plan organizers, and ideas all founded in Project-Based Learning. This site may be very helpful for our career area teachers.

Apps/Cell Phone Tools:

  • Remind – a cell phone reminded app that lets you communicate with student and parents via cell phone withOUT exchanging phone numbers.
  • Socrative –
  • Common Core App –
  • History Here –
  • ClassDojo –



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