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Visit this for page to find important information, based on the issues that matter, regarding legislation in our state and country. Below you can find important information on educational issues, bills associated with these issues, as well as our position on the bills. Below the issues and bills, you will find information on contacting your legislators.


  • Teacher Leadership, Bill # – A-448/S – 165 – This bill creates a teacher leader endorsment. It is designed to keep dedicated educators in the classroom longer. CamVoc supports this bill. For more information, please follow this click here.
  • High Stakes Testing-  Below are bill #’s and a brief synopsis of the impact that each bill would have if enacted into law, CamVoc supports all three bills. *As of 4/1/15, these bills are currently being held in committee in the Senate Education Committee. We urge you to contact your state senators to ask for a vote. For more information, click here.
    • A-3079- prohibits for profit standardized assessments in grades k – 2.
    • A -4165- provides parents with the right to refuse (or “opt-out”) of standardized assessments
    • A – 4190/S-2768 – calls for a 3 yr moratorium on using data from high-stakes testing.
  • Career and Technical Education Bills Package, Bill #’s A-3334/S-2224, A-3335/S-2225, A-3337/S-2228, A-3338/S-2226, A-3340/S-2229 and A-3341/S-2230 – These bills will expand the state support of Career and Technical Education in our state. For more information, click here.

Contacting Legislators:

If you feel passionate about any of the issues mentioned above, follow the steps below to in order to contact YOUR legislator.

Before your begin: If you know who your New Jersey Representatives – both representatives in the New Jersey Assembly and Senate – please skip to Step 5.

  • Step 1: Visit http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/
  • Step 2: On the upper left hand side of the page, under the title “Members,” click on “Find your Legislators
  • Step 3: Identify your voting district or municipality, and locate the list of your legislators (Here is a complete list of voting district with cooresponding legislators)
  •  Step 4:  Click on the link, underneath the district, that reads “Legislators for District _.” This will take you to the contact information for your voting district’s respective legislator.
  • Step 5: Call the number listed and ask to speak with yoru assembly representative or your state senator. If you cannot get in touch with the legislator, leave a message with the his or her staff. Be sure to reference the bill number when asking a legislator to support or oppose a bill (information provided above).

For more information regarding bills and positions statements, please follow this link to view NJEA’s full list of position statemetns.

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