Calling all Math Teachers!!

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Here is a an awesome link to help guide Ipad use in the classroom:

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SGO's Coming

On September 23rd, there will be a Student Growth Objectives Workshop offered at 4:30 pm at the CCCEA office in Voorhees.

All interested must RSVP no later than 9/16 by calling 856-489-1267 or emailing
There is a $5.00 cost to attend, payable at the door. Camvoc will reimburse you upon presentation of certificate. A light dinner will be served at 4pm.
The address is:
2 Sheppard Rd.
Voorhees, NJ 08043

In the meantime, please check back this week: Executive Council is currently putting together a very informative blog post on the topic!

SGO Questions

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After the department meetings today, it is obvious that we need more clarification on SGO’s and the process for developing them. The following is a brief clarification based upon the DOE’s Achieve NJ materials –

When developing an SGO, it is helpful to think beyond pre-test / post-test types of objectives. While it is possible to use this configuration, it is often difficult to show meaningful growth with just these two snapshots. The DOE makes the following recommendations for SGO’s.

Notice that nothing is said about departmental benchmarks or final exams. While these may be used, there is a degree of finality to them. In other words, you have little room to recover if these are used as your final SGO measurement. Instead, consider a variety of measures to show student growth:


While more time consuming, portfolio and performance assessments will allow you to generate deeper and better differentiated artifacts of student growth. Teacher generated tests, especially multiple choice ones (see page 8), often don’t measure as specifically as we think, particularly if the questions have not been tested and refined over multiple administrations.

There were also questions regarding the timeline for implementation. The DOE’s stated timeline is:

As stated in the DOE’s materials, SGO’s must be set by November 15th with approval occurring after this date. A date of September 30th was discussed during the DEAC meetings but no decisions were made around this date.

The DOE is operating under the assumption that a robust curriculum is in place which is not necessarily true. In some cases, the curriculum is simply a collection of benchmarks, meaning that there is significantly more work required when developing an SGO. In seeing the depth of this process and in light of the fact that there has been a dearth of training provided, CamVoc will be advocating that the district adhere to the timeline as directed by the DOE.

CamVoc has coordinated with the district to provide a 2 hour SGO training during the October 23rd inservice.

We will discuss the specific types of SGO’s in a future blog post. Stay tuned.


Pension Contribution Rate Increase

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Pension Contribution Increases for the the Teachers’ Pension and Annuity Fund (TPAF) and Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS)Effective July 1, 2013 TPAF and PERS employee contribution rate to the State pension system increased from 6.64% to 6.78% of salary.Public Law 2011, Chapter 78 mandates that pension contribution increases be phased incrementally over a seven year period beginning in July 2012, until members are paying 7.5% of salary as of July 2018.

July 2013 marks the third rate increase under the Chapter 78 provisions. The fourth contribution rate increase to 6.92% of salary will be effective July 2014.

The change in the employee’s contribution rate also increases the minimum repayment amount for new pension loans and the cost for a purchase of service credit if it is approved after the increased contribution rate becomes effective.

For more information, please go to  or contact the Division of Pensions and Benefits at (609) 292-7524, or e-mail the Division at:

Executive and Rep Council

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On behalf of Rhonda Ritz, President of Camvoc, and the current executive and representative councils, we would like to congratulate the newly elected executive and rep council members of Camvoc!

Executive Council:
Mike Ritzius – President
Ryan McCarty – 1st Vice President
Matt Stagliano – 2nd Vice President
JoAnn Filer – Secretary
Annarose Haws – Treasurer
Rep Council:
Penn Tech:
Susan Mehler
Terry Lee
Anita Ackerman
Patricia Springer
Danielle Hallinan
Laura Russo
Brian Burns
Amy McDonald
Ernie Histings
Ed Fitzpatrick
Teri Hardmeyer
Bob Swain
Roseanne Murphy
Josh Schultz
Jackie Foster
Sharon Baker
Kathy Howley

Camvoc Elections 2013!

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And, the nomineees are:

(Click on presidential candidates to read their platform)


Executive Council


Mike Grossman

Kathie Howley

Andy McAlpin

Mike Ritzius

1st Vice President

Marlene Brubaker

Ryan McCarty

2nd Vice President

Matt Stagliano


Jo Ann Filer


Mark Barrish

Annarose Haws


GTC Reps-12 elected

Sharon Baker

Brian Burns

Ed Fitzpatrick

Jackie Foster

Teri Hardmeyer

Ernie Histing

Kathie Howley

Joe Knowles

Amy McDonald

Rosanne Murphy

Mike Ritzius

Laura Russo

Josh Schultz

Doug Selfridge

Bob Swain

Jeff Weiss

Jamie Wert


PC Reps-5 elected

Anita Ackerman

Danielle Hallinan

Terry Lee

Patty Springer

Rep Minutes and an IMPORTANT update

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Please click here for the minutes of the Rep Council meeting held in March.

Also, please view the flyer below regarding how YOU can help prevent the new Legislation proposed by the state. If the law passess, it could allow any teacher with a special education background to be a case manager for a student(s) on top of regular teaching responsibilities. Take action today! If you are having trouble viewing the flyer, click here to view.


February Rep Council – 2/21

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Here are the minutes for the February Rep Council Meeting. Check back for more updates soon!

Cancelled Meeting Info.

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The agenda for the meeting scheduled on 11/7/12 was as followes:
1. To inform you of the possible changes in professional development for teachers
2. To talk to you about the  “Code of Conduct” for unoin members, see attachment
3. To give you information on negotiations. We only need to complete salary guides and come to an agreement with the board over them. We should have a contract to present at the next meeting to the membership within the next few weeks.At that meeting I will discuss all of the above agenda items.

Thank you for your patiences.

Frequent Flyer – 10/15

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This was the third meeting with a mediator present. The Board has some questions that need to be answered regarding proposals that we made. They anticipate answers to these questions by the beginning of next week. If the answers are what we anticipate, we will have a tentative agreement at that time. If the answers are contrary to what we expect, we have scheduled another meeting for October 29th at 4:00 PM to continue negotiations.


Thank you to those of you who came to Pennsauken last night and Stay Tuned!