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Important Things to Know Regarding Advocacy:

Weingarten Right –  it is your right, established by law, that if you are in a meeting, that you did not know was going to be disciplinary in nature, and it turns out to disciplinary, you can stop the meeting and request union representation. If union representation is not immediately available the meeting should be rescheduled.

Contractual Issues to Keep in Mind

  • No Administrator is allowed to discipline, in any way, a member of CamVoc in the presence of another member (s), a student (s), parent(s), or anyone other than a designated Union Representative.
  • What is a Grievance? What is the Grievance Process at CamVoc?
    • Contact Doug Selfridge or Tom Thurber
  • Post-Conferences & Evaluation – Remember, you, as per the current contract, are entitled to a full day with your completed classroom observation prior to attending a post conference meeting.

Want more information? Click here for a link to NJEA’s information around advocacy!