Introducing the Member Spotlight Page

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Member Spotlight

CamVoc is proud to present a NEW FEATURE for our local and our website –  The Member Spotlight Page! Rep Council disussed, and had decided, to create a place for us to celebrate all the great things that our members do! Each person who is selected as a “spotlight member” – there will be one post each month – will recieve a small gift from the association, AS WELL AS month long recoginition via the website! 

If you are interested in nominated someone for the month of October (to celebrate through November!) please fill out this online survey, or contact your rep. Link to the Member Spotlight Survey.

For more information, visit the new and improved “Member Spotlight” page.

Former CamVoc Leader Pens Article!

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Congratulations, Mike Ritzius!

Our former president, Mike Ritzius, authored an article in this month’s NJEA Review. You have may have noticed that it was the cover story!!! 

Aside from being proud of our former leader,  the article is is a great read and pertains to the new state regulations around the new-and-improvement Professional Development Plans (PDP).  The information presented in the article is directly applicable to our APR meetings scheduled for the spring, so read up!!

Here is a link to the full article: Take Charge of your PDP

As always, remember to contact a your Association Rep if you have ANY questions/comments about evaluation, and, of course, don’t forget to fill out the survey!

General Membership Meeting – TONIGHT!

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This is just a friendly reminder that there will be a general membership meeting tonight at 6:00 pm at the Magnolia Recreation Center (address is listed below).
A light dinner will be served, and we hope to see everyone there!!
The address is:

Magnolia Recreation Center
452 West brook Avenue
Magnolia, NJ 08049
See you tonight!!

Executive and Rep Council

June 1st, 2013 | Posted by Webmaster in Leadership - (Comments Off on Executive and Rep Council)

On behalf of Rhonda Ritz, President of Camvoc, and the current executive and representative councils, we would like to congratulate the newly elected executive and rep council members of Camvoc!

Executive Council:
Mike Ritzius – President
Ryan McCarty – 1st Vice President
Matt Stagliano – 2nd Vice President
JoAnn Filer – Secretary
Annarose Haws – Treasurer
Rep Council:
Penn Tech:
Susan Mehler
Terry Lee
Anita Ackerman
Patricia Springer
Danielle Hallinan
Laura Russo
Brian Burns
Amy McDonald
Ernie Histings
Ed Fitzpatrick
Teri Hardmeyer
Bob Swain
Roseanne Murphy
Josh Schultz
Jackie Foster
Sharon Baker
Kathy Howley