PDP’s: Your Time to Shine

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Summ Eval


As May quickly approaches, it is getting closer to PDP time. Your PDP, or Individualized Professional Development Plan, is an integral part of your work here at CCTS. Your PDP, and the information that YOU put into your PDP will professional practice in the next subsequent year.

Your PDP is based on your evaluation and should be created based on how your formal and informal evaluations went during this school year. However, you have the power to write, with the consultation of your department supervisor, your professional goals for the following school year. This means: you can have a real impact on the PD that you attend in the following year. We know this is important to you, so it is important to us!

Please contact your association rep if you would like more information about your PDP. 

SGO’s – They’re baacccck!

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Data Collection


Welcome back from Spring Break, we hope you had a great time. But, it’s time to get back to reality!

You may recall from last year’s SGO process, that the second “half” of the Student Growth Objective process takes place towards the end of the 3rd marking period. As it stands right now, our completed SGOs are due to your respective supervisors before May 1, 2015. 

If you have not planned to, you should begin to plan and implement your “post-assessments,” so that you may collect and report the data prior to the due date. the NJDOE has many resources  to support the SGO process; they are available here. If you have further questions regarding this process, please contact your association rep.


CamVoc Needs YOUR Help

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CamVoc is currently in the process of organizing as many of our members as are willing. We are looking for members who are willing to work in a variety of different capacities, at a variety of different levels. If you would be willing to help out at any level, please follow the link to the survey below and submit it.

Link to Organizing Survey – Please Click Here

We thank you in advance for your continued support!

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As we continue into the third marking period, it is important to remember that we are still in the third round of observations. During this round, all classroom observations will be unannounced. So, keep this in mind as you plan your instruction.

Remember, there are certain numbers that, as per the regulations set forth in Achieve NJ, if they are not followed negate an evaluation. One of the most important elements of the evaluation is the process. If the process is not followed, the evaluation may not be considered a fair or legitimate observation.

Some important “numbers” to remember are:

  • 15 = Maximum number of teaching staff members days for a post-conference
  • 10 = Maximum number of work days following a post conference that a teacher can submit a response (rebuttal)
  • 20 = Minimum number of minutes required for an observation

Please contact your rep if you have questions regarding these, or any other evaluation issues.

Time to park PARCC?

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Are you concerned that our states roll out of the controversial PARCC test might be too much our students to handle so quickly? Would you like to influence how this assessment is implemented and what it should be used for?

If so, visit www.njea.org and click on the link in the center of the page titled “Testing Under Scrutiny.” This will direct you in how to make sure your voice is heard!

Inputing Evaluation Data

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Collecting Data

As mentioned prior to the start of the year at our geneal membership meeting, CamVoc is attempting to collect and analyze as much evaluation data as we possibly can. This data will help the evaluation committee complete the following to identify domain experts from our membership, evalaute inter-rator reliability of observers, and analyze evaluation trends in the district.

In order to fill out the survey, please complete visit the Evaluation Page (under “For Members”), and click the link that reads “Click Here After Each Formal Evaluation”

Evaluation Begins!

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This Monday, October 6, 2014 marked the beginning of the first round of formal evaluations at CCTS. Please be sure to let your rep know if you have a question concerning YOUR evaluation. This first evaluation is an announced observation.

Former CamVoc Leader Pens Article!

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Congratulations, Mike Ritzius!

Our former president, Mike Ritzius, authored an article in this month’s NJEA Review. You have may have noticed that it was the cover story!!! 

Aside from being proud of our former leader,  the article is is a great read and pertains to the new state regulations around the new-and-improvement Professional Development Plans (PDP).  The information presented in the article is directly applicable to our APR meetings scheduled for the spring, so read up!!

Here is a link to the full article: Take Charge of your PDP

As always, remember to contact a your Association Rep if you have ANY questions/comments about evaluation, and, of course, don’t forget to fill out the survey!

Commission of Education Resigns

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In case you missed, Chris Cerf, the former Commissioner of Education in NJ, resigned late last week. Chris Cerf has been responsible for many of the mandates imposed on the districts in NJ, including CCTS!

Here is NJEA President, Wendell Steinhauer’s response to Cerf’s resignation, please read as CamVoc believes it provides valuable insight to the motivation behind new state-wide regulations that we have been dealing with: http://njea.org/news/2014-02-11/njea-on-cerf-resignation-time-for-a-new-start-and-new-approach

Also, please remember to “let your voice be heard” by writing to the State BOE about how the rushed implementation of various regulations surrounding tenure and evaluation (Danielson Evaluation Tool, the SGO Process, Summative Scores for Teachers, etc.) have impacted teaching and learning in our district: http://njea.org/news/2014-01-28/tell-your-story-to-the-sboe 

State BOE wants to hear from US!

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Your Story

This is has been a hectic year for teachers around  New Jersey. We have all been dealing with many big changes around evaluation, student growth objectives, tenure reform, and the transition to a new state test, PARCC.

On February 5, 2014, the State Board of Education will be hearing from teachers around the state about how these issues have affected our the lives of our students and our profession/classroom practice. Our association president, Ryan McCarty, will be attending the state board of education meeting to express our concerns, but the state would also like to hear from ALL of us!

Below is a link that will enable you to communicate directly with board of ed. The more teachers we have respond, the better. Please provide as much specific and viable feedback as possible – we want our voices heard!

Here is the link: http://www.njea.org/news/2014-01-28/tell-your-story-to-the-sboe