Pensions Conversation 5/19!

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Are you concerned about the current pension crisis that’s happening in our state? Are you looking for more information about how you can help? 

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, Steve Swetsky, Assitant Executive Director of NJEA, will be on campus talking to CamVoc members about how WE can make a difference in the fight for our pensions.

The workshop will be begin at 4:00 pm on Tuesday in the Cafetorium at the Gloucester Township Campus. We hope to see you there! 

Accessing the Contract

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access to contracty


CamVoc Leadership and Rep Council believe it’s important for all CamVoc EA members to have access to and to understand the contract. However, we know that some members have trouble logging in to see the contract. If you have ever tried unsuccessfully to access the contract, then this post is for you!

Steps to access the contract:

  1. Make sure you are logged out of ALL Google/Gmail (personal, business, other) accounts on your computer.
  2. Visit our association website,
  3. On the right hand side of the website, click on the link titled “Contract”
  4. When you click on this link, you will be prompted to type in log in information
  5. For your log-in information, you must include “” at the end of your username 
    • Example: John Smith’s log in information will be… 
    • Username:, password: individually created by each unique user (that’s you!)
  6. You should have access to the contract!

If you still have questions about this, please email

SGO’s – They’re baacccck!

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Data Collection


Welcome back from Spring Break, we hope you had a great time. But, it’s time to get back to reality!

You may recall from last year’s SGO process, that the second “half” of the Student Growth Objective process takes place towards the end of the 3rd marking period. As it stands right now, our completed SGOs are due to your respective supervisors before May 1, 2015. 

If you have not planned to, you should begin to plan and implement your “post-assessments,” so that you may collect and report the data prior to the due date. the NJDOE has many resources  to support the SGO process; they are available here. If you have further questions regarding this process, please contact your association rep.


CamVoc Needs YOUR Help

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CamVoc is currently in the process of organizing as many of our members as are willing. We are looking for members who are willing to work in a variety of different capacities, at a variety of different levels. If you would be willing to help out at any level, please follow the link to the survey below and submit it.

Link to Organizing Survey – Please Click Here

We thank you in advance for your continued support!

Wanted: Pension Activists

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If you have been paying attention to New Jersey politics, you know that our current governor has proposed another state budget that will greatly under-fund our pensions system!

NJEA is currently engaged in an important fight our the sake of all of us, for the sake of our pensions that we have earned! NJEA is currently looking for “Pension Activists,” people who are willing to support NJEA’s organizing efforts to ensure that our pension system is fully funded!

If you are interested in participating in these organizing efforts please contact and/OR visit the following website and sign up to be a “Pension Activist.” Link to Website: Pension Activism

Time to Speak up on PARCC!

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As an association, we believe that standardized assessments play an important role in guaging the work of a school. However, we also feel that the rushed implementation, on a state-level, of the new PARCC assessment system has had a negative impact on our schools, our administration, our members, and, most importantly, our students. We think that you should consider the impact that PARCC has had on your work and your students.

If you feel that PARCC should be implemented slower or differently, or, if students should have the legal right to “opt-out” of an assessment system, you shuold contact your State Senator. Please click on the following link, provided by our state-level education association, NJEA, to contact your State Senator.

Here is the link to contact your senator:

**PLEASE NOTE: CamVoc Education Association does not in anyway support or condone CamVoc members talking negatively about PARCC, or any other state-wide assessment, with students or parents during school hours. Please follow all disrict directives regarding these conversations.

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As we continue into the third marking period, it is important to remember that we are still in the third round of observations. During this round, all classroom observations will be unannounced. So, keep this in mind as you plan your instruction.

Remember, there are certain numbers that, as per the regulations set forth in Achieve NJ, if they are not followed negate an evaluation. One of the most important elements of the evaluation is the process. If the process is not followed, the evaluation may not be considered a fair or legitimate observation.

Some important “numbers” to remember are:

  • 15 = Maximum number of teaching staff members days for a post-conference
  • 10 = Maximum number of work days following a post conference that a teacher can submit a response (rebuttal)
  • 20 = Minimum number of minutes required for an observation

Please contact your rep if you have questions regarding these, or any other evaluation issues.

Time to park PARCC?

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Are you concerned that our states roll out of the controversial PARCC test might be too much our students to handle so quickly? Would you like to influence how this assessment is implemented and what it should be used for?

If so, visit and click on the link in the center of the page titled “Testing Under Scrutiny.” This will direct you in how to make sure your voice is heard!

Introducing the Member Spotlight Page

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Member Spotlight

CamVoc is proud to present a NEW FEATURE for our local and our website –  The Member Spotlight Page! Rep Council disussed, and had decided, to create a place for us to celebrate all the great things that our members do! Each person who is selected as a “spotlight member” – there will be one post each month – will recieve a small gift from the association, AS WELL AS month long recoginition via the website! 

If you are interested in nominated someone for the month of October (to celebrate through November!) please fill out this online survey, or contact your rep. Link to the Member Spotlight Survey.

For more information, visit the new and improved “Member Spotlight” page.

Time to SPEAK UP about Special Education

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The NJDOE is asking for opinions from NJEA members on issues around Special Education. They are seeking our opinions around issues involving evaluation (everything from teacher evaluations to SGO’s) and other classroom issues.

You can chose to speak at a hearing, which are being offered around the state, or send in electronic or paper communication to the Special Education Task Force.

For more information – click here: