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As we continue into the third marking period, it is important to remember that we are still in the third round of observations. During this round, all classroom observations will be unannounced. So, keep this in mind as you plan your instruction.

Remember, there are certain numbers that, as per the regulations set forth in Achieve NJ, if they are not followed negate an evaluation. One of the most important elements of the evaluation is the process. If the process is not followed, the evaluation may not be considered a fair or legitimate observation.

Some important “numbers” to remember are:

  • 15 = Maximum number of teaching staff members days for a post-conference
  • 10 = Maximum number of work days following a post conference that a teacher can submit a response (rebuttal)
  • 20 = Minimum number of minutes required for an observation

Please contact your rep if you have questions regarding these, or any other evaluation issues.

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