Making the Most of CamVoc

September 1st, 2011 | Posted by Webmaster in HowTo

The CamVoc Website has undergone a serious overhaul, making it the communication hub it was always meant to be. Here you will receive updates for negotiations, professional development opportunities, legislative actions, and all CamVoc information. The site is also fully accessible via any web enabled device whether it be a computer, tablet, smartphone, or iPod.

Subscribing to Changes

Beyond simply checking the website, there are a number of new ways to stay up to date with CamVoc news:

  • Subscribe to changes via email
  • Subscribe via RSS
  • Subscribe to the calendar
  • Follow our new Twitter account -@CamVocEA

All items are accessible via the sidebar. There is additional information to be found on the linked pages, found in the top right corner of every page.


Categories are a means of sorting posts. If, for example, you would like to see all Frequent Flyers for the current negotiations, simply click on the “negotiations” category. All posts in that category will then be displayed for you.

Links to Documents

A number of documents important to CamVoc members are available on website. You may be required to log in using your CamVoc account. Others are open for anyone to view.




The new CamVoc Twitter account, @CamVocEA,  will be used to broadcast updates to the membership. At the bottom of the side column, there is a feed of a variety of resource and information providers who may be of interest to members. The account also maintains a list of members both past and present who are active on Twitter to help the CamVoc family connected. If you would like to be included, please mention @CamVocea and we will add you.


We hope that you, the members, find these updates to be helpful. If there are any other features that you would like to suggest, please contact the Webmaster. Stay informed, stay engaged, stay united!

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