Introducing the Member Spotlight Page

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Member Spotlight

CamVoc is proud to present a NEW FEATURE for our local and our website –  The Member Spotlight Page! Rep Council disussed, and had decided, to create a place for us to celebrate all the great things that our members do! Each person who is selected as a “spotlight member” – there will be one post each month – will recieve a small gift from the association, AS WELL AS month long recoginition via the website! 

If you are interested in nominated someone for the month of October (to celebrate through November!) please fill out this online survey, or contact your rep. Link to the Member Spotlight Survey.

For more information, visit the new and improved “Member Spotlight” page.

Time to SPEAK UP about Special Education

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The NJDOE is asking for opinions from NJEA members on issues around Special Education. They are seeking our opinions around issues involving evaluation (everything from teacher evaluations to SGO’s) and other classroom issues.

You can chose to speak at a hearing, which are being offered around the state, or send in electronic or paper communication to the Special Education Task Force.

For more information – click here:

Improving YOUR Practice!

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CamVoc hopes to see many of our members down in Atlantic City this November 6 – 7 for NJEA’s annual proffessional development convention. This year will be extra special as three of our members – Ryan McCarty, Matt Stagliano, and Sarah Daly – are presenting!



If you are unable able to make it down to Atlantic City for convention, be sure to check out the following sessions offereved Camden County Education Association, for only $5 each!


Treasurer’s Training Wokshop


School Improvement Panel (ScIP) Workshop


  Minority Leadership & Recruitment Workshop


Student Growth Objective (SGO) Workshop #2


Instruction & Professional Development Workshop


Common Core State Standards Workshop – CCSS: Language Arts for Grades K-5


Member Welfare Workshop


Educational Support Professionals


Evaluation Begins!

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This Monday, October 6, 2014 marked the beginning of the first round of formal evaluations at CCTS. Please be sure to let your rep know if you have a question concerning YOUR evaluation. This first evaluation is an announced observation.

Former CamVoc Leader Pens Article!

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Congratulations, Mike Ritzius!

Our former president, Mike Ritzius, authored an article in this month’s NJEA Review. You have may have noticed that it was the cover story!!! 

Aside from being proud of our former leader,  the article is is a great read and pertains to the new state regulations around the new-and-improvement Professional Development Plans (PDP).  The information presented in the article is directly applicable to our APR meetings scheduled for the spring, so read up!!

Here is a link to the full article: Take Charge of your PDP

As always, remember to contact a your Association Rep if you have ANY questions/comments about evaluation, and, of course, don’t forget to fill out the survey!

Commission of Education Resigns

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In case you missed, Chris Cerf, the former Commissioner of Education in NJ, resigned late last week. Chris Cerf has been responsible for many of the mandates imposed on the districts in NJ, including CCTS!

Here is NJEA President, Wendell Steinhauer’s response to Cerf’s resignation, please read as CamVoc believes it provides valuable insight to the motivation behind new state-wide regulations that we have been dealing with:

Also, please remember to “let your voice be heard” by writing to the State BOE about how the rushed implementation of various regulations surrounding tenure and evaluation (Danielson Evaluation Tool, the SGO Process, Summative Scores for Teachers, etc.) have impacted teaching and learning in our district: 

State BOE wants to hear from US!

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Your Story

This is has been a hectic year for teachers around  New Jersey. We have all been dealing with many big changes around evaluation, student growth objectives, tenure reform, and the transition to a new state test, PARCC.

On February 5, 2014, the State Board of Education will be hearing from teachers around the state about how these issues have affected our the lives of our students and our profession/classroom practice. Our association president, Ryan McCarty, will be attending the state board of education meeting to express our concerns, but the state would also like to hear from ALL of us!

Below is a link that will enable you to communicate directly with board of ed. The more teachers we have respond, the better. Please provide as much specific and viable feedback as possible – we want our voices heard!

Here is the link:


Preparing for “Unannounced” Observations

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As we were informed this week, “unannounced” observations will start at the end of January and continue through March.

In an effort to track patterns within our district, please take a minute to complete this form after each formal evaluation you receive: Tracking Trends Survey

As a reminder, if something seems “off” during the evaluation process please fill out this survey: Evaluation Questions

General Membership Meeting – TONIGHT!

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This is just a friendly reminder that there will be a general membership meeting tonight at 6:00 pm at the Magnolia Recreation Center (address is listed below).
A light dinner will be served, and we hope to see everyone there!!
The address is:

Magnolia Recreation Center
452 West brook Avenue
Magnolia, NJ 08049
See you tonight!!

Convention Bound?

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NJEA-ConventionWe hope to see you at the NJEA Convention this year in Atlantic City. The Convention will take place this Thursday and Friday, November 7 and 8, 2013.

While the convention is a great place for you network with educators from around the state, it also can help you improve your practice and hone in on skills you have been working on this year.

Please check out the catalog (link below) of available PD opportunities including, but not limited to, KeyNote Speakers, High Tech Hall Information, and a list of  all the workshops.

The catalog is available here.

We hope to see you there!!!!!!!!